Folding your uniform

(1) Use the floor – Lay the jacket out with the back down to the floor. Spread the sleeves out so that they point straight out to the sides in opposite directions. Lay the pants down as well.

(2) Fold one side over – Fold one sleeve and a quarter of the torso of the jacket over toward the other sleeve. As each part of your jacket that was on the floor is folded in, brush it off with your hand to get anything that stuck to it off. Also, this brushing action helps you to crease your uniform neatly. Brush the pants off to flatten them, fold the pants in half, bringing one side over the other.

(3-5) Fold the sleeve back – Fold the sleeve back on itself. Now fold the other side in and that sleeve back the same way. Place the pants on top of the jacket.

(6-9) Fold the jacket and pants – Fold the pants up by a third. Fold the jacket and pants up by a third then fold them up again into a nice square.

Tie a bow – Wrap the belt around the package, and tie it off.  You’re done!


As you fold the uniform ensure you flatten any wrinkles and fold tightly.




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