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Uniform care

Your new CORE gi is extremely well made from excellent quality materials. To maximise your investment please follow the care instructions below:

  • Wash after EVERY use – You might think you didn’t sweat in your uniform very much during that cold, winter training session, but you did, and you need to wash the uniform to get the bacteria you left behind out of the cotton to prevent it from smelling and rotting. Wash the uniform after each time you wear it and sweat in it. You should never wear your uniform to training sessions two times in a row without washing it.
  • Wash it quickly – Do not allow your uniform to stand before being washed. As soon as you return home from practice, it must go straight into the washing machine. If you allow it to stand over night, it will smell in a way that few detergents can remedy. Use a cold water wash, hot water can cause shrinkage. For the ultimate clean – turn off the washing machine and allow your uniform to soak in the soapy water for at least 20 minutes. Then start the washer again and allow it to begin its wash cycle – you can program cycles on some machines. It’s OK to pre-soak your uniform in cold water overnight if it has any stubborn stains.  Use cold water, a stain remover AND fabric whitener. Do not wash it with any coloured clothes as the colours will run and change the colour of your uniform. However, can can wash it with some other white items such as towels.
  • When the wash cycle is complete, hang your uniform to dry right away. Every moment it spends in the washing machine is another moment for it to mildew and yellow.
  • Bleach – Using bleach on your cotton uniform will get it clean, but bleach is a strong base, so it can damage the material and weaken the uniform.
  • Drying your uniform – Your uniform must dry on the line or a clothes rack. Sunlight helps remove stains and will keep the uniform white. That means that if you train every day, you will wash and dry a uniform every day. In humid environments, your karate uniform may require two days to line dry. You’ll need to purchase two or three uniforms in that case, because you should not wear it repeatedly without washing it. Although not recommended, you can dry your uniform in a sensor clothes dryer (on the lowest heat settings). Never dry your uniform for excessive times, or on high heat settings as this can often cause excessive shrinkage.
  • Fold Properly when dry – When your uniform has finished drying, you will find that it is usually quite wrinkled and that it looks like an unmade bed. You can iron your uniform, but I wouldn’t recommend going that far. Considering how your uniform will look after 15 minutes of training, you probably shouldn’t bother with the iron unless you are about to wear it to a competition. When your uniform is completely dry, not still moist, but totally dry, you may fold it (click here for instructions).
  • Washing your belt – Yes, you can wash your belt – only not with your uniform unless you want your uniform to change colour. One secret of washing belts that only a few seem to be aware of is that belts will hold their colour longer if you soak them in salty water for a while then rinse them out well after the soaking. We have no idea why this is true, but colours hold to clothing longer after a bath in salt water. Make sure you avoid bleach. Your belt can probably go through the dryer, and it should be washed much less frequently than the rest of your uniform. If you don’t wash your belt, it will eventually begin to smell.

Martial Arts uniform's are not intended to last a lifetime. When your gi starts looking a little shabby from use or dis-coloured from sweat stains throw it away and get a new one.




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